The Culinary Capital – East German Cooking and International Cuisine

Berlin today is more international than ever. Influences from all over the world are obvious on the streets as well as in the local restaurant scene. From Asian to Latin American, Oriental to African cooking, a wide variety of international flavours are easy to find in Berlin. This Saturday marks the start of Berlin Food Week, a week of food markets and events to celebrate good eating.

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17 Years after Reunification, a Few Differences Still Exist

The fall of the Wall in November 1989 paved the way for reunification less than a year later. At the time, the differences between both parts of Germany were very obvious and easy to spot. Now, 17 years, the many ways in which East and West have grown together are equally obvious.

However, in a few respects Germany is still divided by an invisible border. Read on to find out more about the remaining differences.
Ost West Berlin

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East German Architecture – Historic Photo Collages of Buildings and Squares in East Berlin

Preserved in the archives of the Berlinische Galerie, these stunning historic collages have now been brought out of hiding thanks to the efforts of the “Kunst auf Lager” (“Art in Stor(ag)e”) alliance, which funded extensive restoration work to make them fit for public exhibition.

Read on to find out more about the origins and contents of these unique pieces, which are accessible to the general public for the first time in almost 40 years.

Central Berlin - Berlinische Galerie
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GDR vehicles – On two and four wheels through the GDR

Car enthusiasts and techies love motorised vehicles from bygone eras, including the former socialist East Germany – and so they should! After all, the GDR produced a few coveted collectors’ items. The Trabant is probably the one brand from this period that everybody remembers. But it was by no means the only one to grace East German highways and byways. Other models, such as EMW and Wartburg, have long since disappeared from view and memory. High time, we think, to celebrate them in a blog post.

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