Getting to Fashion Week Events from Strausberger Platz

Twice a year, Fashion Week Berlin attracts designers, influencers and other trend-setters to the German capital to attend trade shows, catwalks and other events at various large and small venues around the city. An inner-city location such as the Central Berlin development at Strausberger Platz offers easy access to all the most interesting events. Read on for tips on how to get to this year’s hottest events and locations, and to find out more about the evolution of fashion trends in socialist East Germany.

Original photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash, Collage by Central Berlin
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Premium Medical Care at Strausberger Platz – Klinikum im Friedrichshain

Big cities need to be able to provide adequate medical care for large numbers of residents – this was no different back in the day when East Berlin was the capital of the German Democratic Republic. The foundations for the medical care of the city’s population were laid 150 years ago in Friedrichshain where Berlin’s first municipal hospital was built. Read on to find out more about the hospital’s turbulent history and its role at the forefront of public healthcare provision in East Germany.