The Taste of Berlin (with Tips!)

One could call it ‘going local’ or being a ‘locavore’, but I think of it as a declaration of love to my favourite city in the world: over the Valentine’s weekend I tried to figure out what Berlin tastes like. Of course I had tried a (vegetarian) Currywurst and I’ve had my share of Berlin’s beers, but I knew that my city offers many more culinary opportunities. That’s why last Saturday I restricted myself to food and beverages produced in Berlin. And oh man, I’m still stuffed.

A stand filled with products from Berlin at Markthalle Neun
Image courtesy of Daphne Damiaans

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Looking Back – The Evolution of Strausberger Platz

There are few other places in Berlin where history is as tangible as it is at Strausberger Platz. Today, the “wedding-cake style ” buildings give little indication of the monumental upheavals the square and its access road, Karl-Marx-Allee, have borne witness to over the years – destruction, reconstruction, demonstrations and, most recently, its renaissance as an urban hotspot. Let’s take a look back at the historical events that have made Strausberger Platz what it is today.

An example for the “wedding-cake style” at Strausberger Platz

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As Berlin Turns Its Lights On

They say that when you look at Berlin from the sky, you can still clearly tell where the border between East and West used to be. Here’s why: streetlights. East and West chose to illuminate their streets in different ways, and the streetlamps still haven’t been reunified.

There’s no better time to pay attention to street lighting than at the start of one of the darkest months of the year!

A classic gas lantern, image courtesy of

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