At Home with One of Berlin’s Greatest Art Enthusiasts

For many people living at Strausberger Platz, moving here was a conscious choice to make a very special place their home . Ingrid Roosen-Trinks, the managing director of Klassik Radio, chair of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation and curator of the Hamburg Art Week, is one of them.

Let’s pay her a visit and find out what motivated her to come here.

Ingrid Roosen-Trinks at Strausberger Platz
Ingrid Roosen-Trinks in her Berlin Flat. Image courtesy of “In Best Hands”

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BEERLIN: What You Didn’t Know about German Beer

Did you know that during the annual International Berlin Beer Festival, Karl-Marx-Allee houses the ‘World’s Longest Beer Garden’? The festival starts just across the street from my building, stretches along Karl-Marx-Allee for 2.2km and celebrated its 20th edition last week. There were 340 breweries from 87 countries presenting 2,400 speciality beers. Close to 800,000 people visited the festival. Quite impressive, right? With the weekend approaching, I’ll get you in the beer mood with some more facts about beer in Berlin and Germany – including my favourite places to drink beer in Berlin.

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Making Berlin a Cycling Metropolis

Given that I’m Dutch, it’s actually a small miracle that I haven’t written about bicycles before – or at least not a lot. But since I couldn’t imagine my live without a bike and use it for 98% of all my travel within the city, it might be time to pay a little more attention to cycling in Berlin. The stories are true: it’s a great city to cycle. But there is still plenty of room for improvement. Please allow me, as a concerned Dutchie, to explain everything a ‘Cycling Metropolis’ should know – and please forgive my frustration, I still love you, Berlin.

Cycling in Berlin
Image courtesy of Norbert Michalke

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