Berlin, the Most Colourful City in the World

Let’s start with the good news: we’ve all survived Blue Monday. Here in Berlin, we even had blue sky. The bad news is that it’s still January, which also means that everything that statistically made last Monday the most depressing day of the year (cold, dark and hopeless) will still apply today, tomorrow and probably for the next two months. And yes, Berlin has a tendency to be a lot more than fifty shades of grey during winter. In order to cheer you – and mostly myself – up, I went looking for the most colourful places in town.

Central Berlin - Dong Xuan Center
Dong Xuan Center, image courtesy of
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Interflug and Klappfix: How to Holiday in the GDR

2017! If there’s one thing I love about a new year, it’s making travel plans. I’ll start with New York in February and then… Russia? Georgia? Maybe Asia or South America? Travel planning looked a little different for residents of the GDR: most holidays were spent in their own country or one of the neighbouring socialist states. Still, the GDR had its own airline that flew even as far as Cuba, China and Mozambique.

It’s still there, the Haus des Reisens (house of travel). With its 18 floors and height of 67 metres it’s the tallest building on Alexanderplatz after the Park Inn hotel. Until German reunification, this was the place to visit when you wanted to book your holiday. It was the HQ of ‘Reisebüro der DDR’ (the state travel organization) and had counters for flight and train tickets inside and outside the GDR.

Travel advertising in the GDR. Image courtesy of

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More Than Just Real Estate: Buy A Piece of History

Does the idea of owning a home in Berlin appeal to you? Would you like to profit from the German capital’s well-deserved reputation as an attractive location to live and work and from the rising demand for residential properties across the city? We can help you to make your dream come true by buying a residential property at Strausberger Platz – where culture and  history meet to create a perfect balance of cosmopolitan ambience and unique local flair.


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