Become a part of Central Berlin with a crowdfunding investment in historic Strausberger Platz

Central Berlin is overflowing with memories. Here is where the past meets the present – and now you can make this historic place a part of your future. How is that possible?

Alongside the chance to buy one of our condiminiums, the crowdfunding platform now offers you the opportunity to profit from Strausberger Platz’s landmark buildings, with investments from just EUR 250 and returns of 5% per year.

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Living history – What makes Strausberger Platz in Berlin so unique 

Our Central Berlin project at Strausberger Platz is unlike any other in Europe. A total of 16 magnificent building complexes define the iconic streetscape along Karl-Marx-Allee and around Strausberger Platz. Designed and built between 1951 and 1958 by the architect Herrmann Henselmann, who also came up with the signature design for Berlin’s Television Tower, these famous “gingerbread houses” still sets hearts racing today. The loving attention to detail, typified by the tiled facade, intricate inlays, reliefs and ledges, lend Henselmann’s architecture a distinctive charm. His incredible architectural achievement has also earned official recognition: The Allee is now a registered heritage site. In 2012, Berlin’s Senate, under the patronage of the governing mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, applied for the ensemble of buildings to be added to the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage sites. But it is not just the buildings, the location in Berlin is also first-rate. At the high point of the GDR, Karl-Marx-Allee and Strausberger Platz served as the spectacular backdrop for the country’s demonstrative parades – a showcase for the soviet state. The charismatic ensemble of buildings still captures the imagination today, and demand for apartments here is growing constantly. With a real estate crowdfunding investment in Strausberger Platz, you are investing in a landmark cultural monument with value-add potential in the heart of Berlin.


Invest in Central Berlin with iFunded

iFunded is a real estate crowdfunding platform that gives private investors access to exclusive real estate projects previously only open to institutional investors.

But what exactly is crowdfunding?

The word crowdfunding is typically used to describe the practice of funding a project or venture with financial contributions from a large number of people. It is also sometimes referred to as crowd-financing, crowd-investing or crowd-lending. The aim of crowdfunding is to raise a specified amount of money with the help of a large number of contributors (crowdfunders), in order to finance a clearly defined project or venture. This could be the development of a specific product, or the acquisition of a stake in a company or real estate project. An individual crowdfunder’s share of investment in relation to a project’s total invested capital is relatively small. In return for their investment, crowdfunders receive some form of return, which varies from project to project. There are even charity crowdfunding appeals, which may offer non-monetary benefits to donors. Crowdfunding projects are typically internet-based and are aimed at everyone, not just restricted groups of investors. This means that crowdfunding is open to all legally competent internet users.


Become a part of the Central Berlin crowd – with an investment of between EUR 250 and EUR 10,000. And what will you get in return? 

An annual return of 5% on your investment. iFunded doesn’t charge any fees to investors and will pay out all investment capital, plus interest, after 18 months.

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Become a part of the Central Berlin crowd and make Strausberger Platz part of your future.