Opening Party at Strausberger Platz: International Guests, Exclusiv Design and Typical Berlin Food

People interested in Mid-century interior design have a new place-to-be at Strausberger Platz in Berlin: On 19th March, the Gallery Central Berlin opened its doors. The opening was celebrated with an exclusive opening party. As a part of it, the “CENTRAL BERLIN – DDR limited” book was launched. Alongside the 150 invited guests, the launch party was attended by Einar Skjerven, CEO of the Skjerven Group and owner of Central Berlin, Stephan Schilgen and Andre M. Wyst, co-authors of the photographic volume published by Gestalten Verlag. Besides, Sissl Tolaas, the famous odor researcher and artist, attended the event.

Opening Party at Strausberger Platz

from left to right: Stephan Schilgen, André M. Wyst, Einar Skjerven, Sissl Tolaas
Stephan Schilgen, André M. Wyst, Einar Skjerven, Sissl Tolaas (from left to right)

DDR Limited book at Opening Gallery

Interior designer Stephan Schilgen was responsible for styling the look of Gallery Central Berlin. As a renowned and respected designer, he manages construction projects and creates both public and private spaces with his company Kurvenstar. For the most recent Chanel Paris Fall-Winter Show, he was responsible for making the absolute best of the glorious rococo setting of Salzburg’s Schloss Leopoldskron. Stephan Schilgen is showing DDR furniture design and home styling inspirations at Gallery Central Berlin at Strausberger Platz.






The second co-author of the photographic volume”CENTRAL BERLIN – DDR limited”, André M. Wyst, is a whole-blood designer. He specializes in researching subjects and contents as well as creating narratives and visual aesthetics. André M. Wyst also contributed to the design-development of the art magazines “Monopol” and “Zoo Magazin” and creates luxury brandings and book designs for various publishing houses in Germany.




During the opening party of the Gallery Central Berlin, André M. Wyst, Stephan Schilgen, Einar Skjerven and Sissl Tolaas participated in an open forum about DDR design, the history of Strausberger Platz and their memories and personal experiences about Berlin and the DDR. They offered the audiences a lot of interesting information and funny anecdotes. To get a better impression of DDR lifestyle, the guests were served typical Berlin snacks such as French fries with a special sauce and Berlin styled hot dogs.