Event Tip: GDR Photography by Ludwig Schirmer at Central Berlin Gallery

GDR furniture is far more than plastic design from the 70s and collectors from all over the world are fascinated by the quality of the former East German design.

Convince yourself at our Central Berlin Gallery and visit the exhibition which is dedicated to Ludwig Schirmer’s images on ‘The Building-Block Principle’.

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DRR Limited – the Book that Tells the Story behind Central Berlin

Week after week, we bring you news and other interesting facts about life at Strausberger Platz and in the surrounding area. Today is different. Today’s blog post is about a book – not just any book, but the book, as far as we’re concerned: your one-stop shop for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CENTRAL BERLIN.
DDR Limited by Stephan Schilgen and André M. Wyst tells the exciting story of the buildings at Strausberger Platz, their cutting-edge architecture and state-of-the-art interior design. But this “Back in the day” aspect is only one part of the story – the other part of the book is dedicated to finding out what happened to the buildings and apartments and how they’re being used today.

Central Berlin DDR Limited
The Book about the Projekt – Central Berlin; Source: Central Berlin

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