Goodbye Berlin – You’ve Been Wunderbar!

So I’m leaving. After two years, I’m breaking up with Berlin. Although a break-up might not be the best way to describe it; I guess our Facebook status would be “It’s complicated”. Berlin will always be my big love, but the Netherlands and all my family and friends there are also calling louder and louder. I’m leaving with pain in my heart, but also carrying wonderful new friends, tons of memories and some unique life lessons. To make sure I won’t forget those lessons and to help everyone who won’t get the chance to live in Berlin, I’ll use my final blog post to share them with you.

Central Berlin - Berliner Rathaus
Berlin is under constant construction. Image courtesy of Daphne Damiaans
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The Perfect Berlin Day for GDR Lovers

So I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’re (to some extent) as fascinated by the GDR as I am. You might have visited Berlin before, or maybe you’re still planning your first visit. And chances are you’re thinking: where to start?! I know, because I had the same feeling while planning for New York a couple of weeks ago. Fear no more, because I am here to provide you with the perfect day for fans of (GDR) history. Good to know: make sure you have a day ticket for the public transport.

Image courtesy of flobox /

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Best of 2016: My Personal Favourites in Berlin

My 40th blog post for Central Berlin and my last blog post in 2016. Time for some reminiscence. Not only because it has been a strange and at the same time awesome year, but also because I definitely don’t want to think about the fact that 2017 will have me turning 30. It feels like all of 2016 was spent eating, drinking, shopping and discovering new things – neighbourhoods, culinary highlights, you name it. Below are my 2016 highlights.

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