Premium Medical Care at Strausberger Platz – Klinikum im Friedrichshain

Big cities need to be able to provide adequate medical care for large numbers of residents – this was no different back in the day when East Berlin was the capital of the German Democratic Republic. The foundations for the medical care of the city’s population were laid 150 years ago in Friedrichshain where Berlin’s first municipal hospital was built. Read on to find out more about the hospital’s turbulent history and its role at the forefront of public healthcare provision in East Germany.


And the Bear Goes to…

Strausberger Platz – lights, camera, action. This year’s Berlinale entries are currently being shot in the heart of Berlin.

From 11 to 21 February, cinephiles from all over the world will be gathering in Berlin. More than 400 films will be screened and almost half a million tickets sold at the Berlinale, making it one of the major events in the international film festival calendar.
It’s always been a festival of superlatives – not least for the journalists from 160 countries who will attend the red-carpet parade at Potsdamer Platz. Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep – tuxedos and evening gowns will crackle in the cold air.

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A paradise for children in East Berlin

‘Es weihnachtet sehr in Berlin’, as the Germans say. Christmas is in the air. A festive Christmas market on every square, shopping malls filled with people looking for the perfect gift or outfit and kids bouncing around hyped up on excitement and the sugar in their Christmas cookies. If you were shopping for Christmas gifts with your kids in GDR times, there was one place you and your little ones certainly wouldn’t have wanted to miss: Strausberger Platz and its famous Haus des Kindes. Truth be told: now I know about this, I feel sorry I didn’t grow up in East Berlin.

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