High up in the Sky

Simply driving along Karl-Marx-Allee and Strausberger Platz offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the unique character of this part of Berlin. Viewing the 2.4km long architectural monument from above is a truly breath-taking experience. As a long-time resident of one of the Strausberger Platz tower, I am used to guests to my apartment paying less attention to me than to the view from my window, which takes in the TV Tower, seemingly close enough to touch, and the prefab buildings with the last two billboards advertising cars built in the Balkans. If it wasn’t for the contemporary cars rushing along the boulevard, you might be forgiven for thinking that time had stopped and the Fall of the Wall had never happened.

Strausberger Platz_kriskbx_photocase
Image courtesy of kriskbx – photocase.de

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